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Cihan Sesen

Cihan Sesen is a Turkish American author and illustrator, who specializes in comic art. His work focuses on dynamic illustrations, witty dialogue and multi-national worldview.


Cihan has published illustrations for Apple Computers. Illustrated comic issues of Carny Trash, a harrowing mostly true tale of Aye Jaye, creator of Ronald McDonald, published by Sideshow Media Group. Self-published short comics called Loose Ends, a collection of short stories created while traveling across India & Europe. Self-published a webcomic called SPINE, an action spy-thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world starved of energy. Currently,  he’s working on sci-fi graphic novel called AutoPilots about a device that is inserted into the brain that lets people skip time.


Originally from Istanbul, Cihan now resides in Southern California. He loves making comics, lattes, and homemade mac & cheese. He has a bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking from San Francisco Art Institute.