Cihan Sesen

WrinkleComics is Cihan Sesen.


His first drawing ever was of a volkswagen beetle on a napkin at the age of two, and It looked a lot like this, but without the perspective, color and years of experience. This one is from 2020.

Cihan was born in Istanbul in the year 1982.. His favorite comic books growing up were Hergé's TinTin. Once he learned that Hergé was from Belgium, he wanted to learn their language and live there. He studied French in Saint-Benoit Lycée Francais.

At Age 15, Cihan made a short comic in French called L'Aventure d'un Mountainard and used it as his portfolio to apply and eventually get into Idyllwild Arts Academy, in the United States.

His education continued in San Francisco Art Institute where he began making comic books.



Even though, he has made short comics prior college, Cihan's journey into making comic books, truly began in San Francisco with Bone Bite The Mad in 2001. This comic was made with Tombo Markers, Ballpoint Pens and Pencils. It was messy, and very raw. Literally, this beast has no polish whatsoever. 

After a publisher's advise,  Cihan took color out of the equation and focused on pencilling and inking on the next project. One day, on the corner of Greenwich and Columbus Ave. Cihan witnessed a man walk out of the sewers onto the street, and get lost in a crowd. Inspired by this event, and other things he made his next comic book, Merry Go Round in 2003, featuring the same character, Alec from Bone Bite The Mad; yet not a sequel. This book was created with sharpies, ball point pens and yellow pencils and it was primarily made on SFAI's Film editing room.

In 2005, Cihan fell in love with the Brush Pen. Next project had to involve and only involve this magnificent tool. After his apartment on Clementina St. flooded,  Cihan created Stop The Rain in 2006. Being part of the Madhappy's movement, Cihan self-published and sold the first issue to comic book stores around the Bay Area. After his dad's cancer diagnosis, he moved to Southern California to live with them to get through this, and finished the issue two and three there and stopped in 2007.

A year later, two things happened: Cihan discovered webcomics and he got a Wacom tablet. this was also a life changing moment. Wacom, not only allowed Cihan to do better lettering, it also let him color without the mess. With his new tools, Cihan created SPINE in 2008.   The original  idea was to create a series of spy-action stories in a post-apocalyptic, steampunky, science fiction. A few months into the project, Cihan's nephew died. The event was a shattering moment, that changed his life and SPINE, forever. The event overwhelmed his emotions and poured into the story. Later on, in 2013 the webcomic was edited and published as an eBook series by Unnamed Press and that's the version you see on this website.

In Los Angeles, Cihan met Aye Jaye, the original clown of Ronald McDonald, and a true Carny. Together, created Carny Trash in 2013, Aye Jaye's self proclaimed and mostly true biography. iPad Pro and Procreate allowed Cihan to make comics on the go. He worked on these issues while traveling through India and Turkey.


During his travels, he wrote several short stories, and later assembled them under Loose Ends series in 2019.


Currently, Cihan is working on a brand new sci-fi graphic novel called AutoPilot. This story is about a chip that goes in your brain that lets you skip time. Russel gets to clock-in to work, blink and then clock-out. Until one day, the chip fails and...  you can see what happens when the book is out. You can follow its progress on instagram @wrinklecomics.



Cartoon Portraits project began in 2013.

At first, I was just drawing my friends and co-workers to get better at drawing faces in general. This project  turned out to be a very engaging way to share my art with the people around me. Over the course of the years, I've made hundreds of portraits of my friends, family, instagram followers, strangers who emailed me. I also drew a few celebrities and they did not contact me.

What you see below is the entire body of work ranging from 2013 to 2020. 



Crowds are a series of isometric, environmental, high-detail illustrations of a group of people depicting where and how they live.


Mumbai is the first one. This idea spawned from an overwhelming experience I've had when I was under the Bridge in Mumbai, it was so insanely busy. Might've been the busiest, the most crowded place I have ever been to do this date, and I've been around. I had to draw it. The drawing itself took, several months to complete. I wanted to have a jagged, a clashing sense of environment that is trying to hurt itself. For the backdrop I chose the general "sense" of Mumbai skyline which is a series of abandoned skyscraper constructions, they just turned off the cranes and left.