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Mumbai, 2016

When I set foot under the Makhdoom Ali Mahimi Flyover in Mumbai, I knew I had to make a drawing of it. It was incredible how efficiently everything was moving around, even though it was complete chaos. Cars, busses, trucks,  people, animals, scooters, and everything was tangled around, constantly in motion. It was hard to take it all in. The chaos, the smells, the decayed buildings, unfinished skyscrapers. I took many photos while I was there. Then later, using the photos as references, I created this multi-layered perspective drawing to capture the essence of the city from multiple views. I used Procreate on an iPad Pro, while traveling through India to draw this. Even though I started the drawing in Mumbai, it was finished later in Dehradun, on top of the mountains. The drawing itself is very large, and it's meant to be inspected up close in person.

In 2019, I used a part of this illustration as a cover for a comic book called Loose Ends.

Following are several close ups from Mumbai, mixed in with some of the reference photos I've taken during traveling. I tried to put as many of the details as accurately as possible.

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